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Concluded WG Content Negotiation (conneg)

Document Date Status IPR AD/Shepherd
RFCs (8 hits)
12 pages
RFC 2506 (was draft-ietf-conneg-feature-reg)
Media Feature Tag Registration Procedure
1999-03 Best Current Practice RFC
37 pages
RFC 2533 (was draft-ietf-conneg-feature-syntax)
A Syntax for Describing Media Feature Sets
1999-03 Proposed Standard RFC
Updated by RFC 2738, RFC 2938

9 pages
RFC 2534 (was draft-ietf-conneg-media-features)
Media Features for Display, Print, and Fax
1999-03 Proposed Standard RFC
20 pages
RFC 2703 (was draft-ietf-conneg-requirements)
Protocol-independent Content Negotiation Framework
1999-09 Informational RFC
5 pages
RFC 2738 (was draft-ietf-conneg-feature-syntax-er)
Corrections to "A Syntax for Describing Media Feature Sets"
1999-12 Proposed Standard RFC
11 pages
RFC 2912 (was draft-ietf-conneg-content-features)
Indicating Media Features for MIME Content
2000-09 Proposed Standard RFC
9 pages
RFC 2913 (was draft-ietf-conneg-feature-type)
MIME Content Types in Media Feature Expressions
2000-09 Proposed Standard RFC
18 pages
RFC 2938 (was draft-ietf-conneg-feature-hash)
Identifying Composite Media Features Errata
2000-09 Proposed Standard RFC