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Concluded WG Cga & Send maIntenance (csi)

Document Date Status IPR AD/Shepherd
RFCs (5 hits)
22 pages
RFC 5909 (was draft-ietf-csi-sndp-prob)
Securing Neighbor Discovery Proxy: Problem Statement
2010-07 Informational RFC 1 Ralph Droms
7 pages
RFC 6273 (was draft-ietf-csi-hash-threat)
The Secure Neighbor Discovery (SEND) Hash Threat Analysis
2011-06 Informational RFC Ralph Droms
12 pages
RFC 6494 (was draft-ietf-csi-send-cert)
Certificate Profile and Certificate Management for SEcure Neighbor Discovery (SEND) Errata
2012-02 Proposed Standard RFC Ralph Droms
5 pages
RFC 6495 (was draft-ietf-csi-send-name-type-registry)
Subject Key Identifier (SKI) SEcure Neighbor Discovery (SEND) Name Type Fields
2012-02 Proposed Standard RFC Ralph Droms
24 pages
RFC 6496 (was draft-ietf-csi-proxy-send)
Secure Proxy ND Support for SEcure Neighbor Discovery (SEND)
2012-02 Experimental RFC Ralph Droms