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Group History

Date By Action
2019-07-21 Karen O'Donoghue Chairs changed to <b>Karen O'Donoghue</b> from Karen O'Donoghue, Mirjam Kuehne
2019-03-23 Karen O'Donoghue Secretaries changed to <b></b> from Niels ten Oever, Niels ten Oever
2018-07-16 Mirjam Kuehne Secretaries changed to <b>Niels ten Oever, Niels ten Oever</b> from Niels ten Oever
2017-06-27 Karen O'Donoghue Secretaries changed to <b>Niels ten Oever</b> from
2017-06-16 Karen O'Donoghue Urls changed to <b></b> from <a href=""></a> (edu team wiki), <a href=""></a> (Issue tracker), <a href=""></a> (edu team web pages)
2017-06-16 Alexa Morris
Urls changed to (edu team wiki), (Issue tracker), (edu team web pages) from (edu team wiki), (edu-discuss mailing list archives), …
2017-06-16 Alexa Morris Chairs changed to <b>Mirjam Kuehne, Karen O'Donoghue</b> from Mirjam Kuehne, Radia Perlman