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Concluded Directorate (with reviews) Internationalization Directorate (i18ndir)

Note: The data for concluded Directorate (with reviews)s is occasionally incorrect.

Directorate (with reviews) Name Internationalization Directorate
Acronym i18ndir
Area Applications and Real-Time Area (art)
State Concluded
Additional resources Issue tracker, Wiki
Personnel Chair Pete Resnick
Area Director Murray Kucherawy
Secretary Pete Resnick
Reviewers Asmus, Inc.
Dr. John C. Klensin
Harald T. Alvestrand
Jiankang Yao
John R. Levine
Joseph Yee
Marc Blanchet
Martin J. Dürst
Nicolás Williams
Patrik Fältström
Scott Hollenbeck
Takahiro Nemoto
Yoshiro Yoneya
Mailing list Address

Closing note for i18ndir

The directorate was merged with ART ART on July 19th 2022: As a result the directorate itself is closed. Future review requests should be redirected to the ART area review team:

Final Group description

The Internationalization Directorate is a specialized advisory group that assists the Area Directors of the Applications and Real-Time Area with regard to internationalization, in accordance with RFC 2418.

In support of a global Internet, the IETF has long worked on internationalization of the Internet through technologies such as text encodings (RFC 20, RFC 3629, RFC 5198), character sets (RFC 2277), language tags (RFC 5646), URIs (RFC 3986), domain names (RFC 5890), email addresses (RFC 6530) and headers (RFC 6532), HTTP headers (RFC 7231, RFC 8187), and usernames and passwords (RFC 8265). Because the appropriate use of these technologies in any particular Internet protocol is not always clear-cut, specifications developed within the IETF often need to be reviewed by individuals with competence in internationalization. Another sort of review is required for adjustments to the underlying technologies themselves, for instance handling issues with internationalized domain names that arise because of updates to the Unicode standard.

The directorate consists of experienced members of the IETF and the broader technical and language communities who have competence in internationalization. The directorate has the following responsibilities:

  • Reviews Internet-Drafts and provides guidance to the ART area directors, specification authors and working groups that re-use or ought to re-use IETF internationalization technologies or that otherwise touch on internationalization issues. Such reviews have the same weight as any other community reviews, for example IETF last call reviews.
  • Advises Area Directors and other IETF stakeholders (including other directorates and review teams, such as the Security Directorate and ART Area Review Team) with regard to internationalization.
  • Maintains an effective team by organizing its work processes, documenting recommended solutions to common internationalization issues, recruiting new team members, and training team members and IETF participants.

In short, the internationalization directorate acts as a consultative group of experts offering expertise and guidelines with respect to internationalization within the IETF.

Liaison activities with other standards development organizations (such as the Unicode Consortium) are not in scope for the directorate.

The directorate can be contacted by sending e-mail to