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Complaints about suspension from the mailing list (Todd Glassey) - 2006-10-10
Response (with appeal included) - 2006-10-31

From: Leslie Daigle

To: Todd Glassey

Cc: Theodore Ts’o; iab; iesg; Jordi Palet Martinez

Subject: Complaints about suspension from the mailing list

Mr. Glassey,

The IAB has reviewed your complaints of suspension from the

discussion mailing list (on September 18, 2006 and again on October 10, 2006),

under the rules of RFC3005.

The IAB has reviewed the chosen actions of the Sergeants-at-Arms of that

mailing list. In our opinion, the Sergeants-at-Arms were within reason

to declare your postings inappropriate under the terms of RFC 3005

(specifically, “Unprofessional commentary, regardless of the general subject”,

and part of a regular pattern of behaviour). We therefore do not agree with

your complaint about their application of one of the sanctions identified in RFC3005.

As to your specific issue with the IETF Chair having prompted the Sergeants-at-Arms,

we would like to point out that the IETF Chair has the power, per RFC3005, to apply

the mailing list suspensions directly, so we see nothing wrong with his prompting.

Leslie Daigle,

for the IAB.