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Appeal to the IAB irt. RFC 6852 (JFC Morfin) - 2013-07-08
Response - 2013-07-17

The appeal from Mr. Morfin was received on 8 July 2013; it can be found here:

Mr. Morfin’s appeal concerns RFC 6852.  While the appeal does not state

any objection to any of the content of RFC 6852, Mr. Morfin wishes that

RFC 6852 included additional principles and a global framework.  In

addition, Mr. Morfin calls for a way for additional organizations to

“sign on” to the expanded principle list and the desired global


RFC 6852 contains five principles that are strongly supported by five

organizations.  The principles were the result of significant

coordination among these organizations.

Mr. Morfin’s preferred remedy has two points.

First, Mr. Morfin calls for publication of a statement or RFC that

expands on RFC 6852, preferably in conjunction with other organizations

and governments.  Mr. Morfin believes that there are currently two

models for the evolution of the Internet.  One is based on the World

Summit on the Information Society (WSIS), and the other is based on the

principles in RFC 6852.  Mr. Morfin would like to see these two merged.

Second, Mr. Morfin calls for the creation of an inter-SDO procedure to

maintain the RFC 6852 principles and allow civil society, governments,

and international organizations to “sign on” to these principles.

The IAB believes that a formal appeal is the wrong mechanism to achieve

these goals.  Appeals are to bring to light and correct errors in

process and/or substance.  Here neither is alleged.  Thus, no action is

needed by the IAB as a formal response to this appeal.  Future

suggestions from the community are welcome through mail to the

IAB or through the RFC publication process.