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IAB appeal for arpa assignment (Timothy McSweeney) - 2020-07-31
Response - 2020-08-26

26 August 2020


The IAB has considered Mr. McSweeney’s appeal, initiated on 31 July 2020. After further discussion, it was clarified that it was regarding the IESG’s affirmation of the decision to not allow IANA to place records into the zone. After considering the circumstances, the referenced RFC in total and the context of that document, the IAB believes that the decision of the IESG was sound. It therefore declines to take further action.

Note: IAB members Mirja Kuehlewind and Alissa Cooper recused themselves from this decision.


The core of your appeal to the IAB centers on the belief that the IESG did not properly follow RFC3405, sections 5 and 9 in particular. However, section 5 itself refers to the larger process that was properly followed:

The logical conclusion of this is that ANY sanctioned URI scheme or URN namespace MUST be allowed to be registered if it meets the requirements specified in this document as regards times to live and general impact to the DNS.

The IAB finds that the IESG’s response to your appeal sufficiently explains why the proposed registration did not meet the specified technical requirements based on a review by the technical expert (per RFC3405 3.1.2).