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Concluded WG Integrated Directory Services (ids)

Document Date Status IPR AD/Shepherd
RFCs (13 hits)
18 pages
RFC 1491 (was draft-ietf-ids-x500-survey)
A Survey of Advanced Usages of X.500
1993-07 Informational RFC
94 pages
RFC 1632 (was draft-ietf-ids-catalog)
A Revised Catalog of Available X.500 Implementations
1994-05 Informational RFC
Obsoleted by RFC 2116

8 pages
RFC 1803 (was draft-ietf-ids-x500-pds-directory)
Recommendations for an X.500 Production Directory Service
1995-06 Informational RFC
22 pages
RFC 1943 (was draft-ietf-ids-jennings)
Building an X.500 Directory Service in the US
1996-05 Informational RFC
164 pages
RFC 2116 (was draft-ietf-ids-x500-imps)
X.500 Implementations Catalog-96
1997-04 Informational RFC
14 pages
RFC 2120 (was draft-ietf-ids-root-naming)
Managing the X.500 Root Naming Context
1997-03 Experimental RFC
15 pages
RFC 2148 (was draft-ietf-ids-ds-bcp)
Deployment of the Internet White Pages Service
1997-09 Best Current Practice RFC
8 pages
RFC 2218 (was draft-ietf-ids-iwps-schema-spec)
A Common Schema for the Internet White Pages Service
1997-10 Proposed Standard RFC
8 pages
RFC 2219 (was draft-ietf-ids-dnsnames)
Use of DNS Aliases for Network Services
1997-10 Best Current Practice RFC
15 pages
RFC 2258 (was draft-ietf-ids-inp)
Internet Nomenclator Project
1998-01 Informational RFC
30 pages
RFC 2259 (was draft-ietf-ids-snqp)
Simple Nomenclator Query Protocol (SNQP)
1998-01 Informational RFC
18 pages
RFC 2377 (was draft-ietf-ids-dirnaming)
Naming Plan for Internet Directory-Enabled Applications
1998-09 Informational RFC
Updated by RFC 4519

22 pages
RFC 2378 (was draft-ietf-ids-ph)
The CCSO Nameserver (Ph) Architecture
1998-09 Informational RFC