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Appeal over a key change in a poor RFC 3066 bis example (JFC Morfin; 2005-10-19) - 2005-10-19
Response - 2005-11-15

To: "J-F C. Morfin" <>
Subject: Response to appeal received from J-F C. Morfin

On 19 October 2005 the IESG received a request from J-F C. Morfin appealing
the decision of Randy Presuhn, LTRU working group chair, and Scott
Hollenbeck, LTRU Area Advisor, to include a note to the RFC Editor
describing a change to be made in draft-ietf-ltru-registry-14.txt prior to
publication as an RFC (see for the full
text). The need for this change was discovered during IESG
evaluation of the document.

Mr. Morfin claims that the change to the example 'concerns the core issue of
the RFC 3066 bis doctrine (the private-use space) through the correction of
a supposed "typo"'. The IESG has reviewed both the proposed text change and
the appeal provided by Mr. Morfin. After careful consideration the IESG has
determined that the proposed text change is a minor correction to an
informative example that does not alter the normative specification in any

The decision of the working group chair and Area Advisor to correct this
error using a note to the RFC Editor is upheld. The appeal is denied.