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Appeal: Official notice of appeal on suspension rights (Todd Glassey; 2003-08-06) - 2003-08-06
Appeal - 2003-08-06

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From: todd glassey []
Sent: woensdag 6 augustus 2003 4:14
Cc:; Contreras, Jorge
Subject: Official notice of appeal on suspension rights.

Be advised that this is an official submission of an appeal on the
suspension of my posting rights as per Harald Alverstrand, Chair of the
IETF. I want to get this matter expedited so we can either reconcile this or
take it into an open court.

Harald's commentary regarding my posting is ridiculous.

    With regard to my posting 20% of the list's traffic, the 2418 clause

that calls this a Denial of Service Attack is in fact a smoke screen to
allow the IETF to set limits on how many postings any one person can make,
but only in arbitrary matters, clearly causing a tortuous interference with
my participation since issues are being resolved that I cannot participate
in. And unless the IESG or the IETF is going to formally place a specific
limit on the number of responses that one can submit to postings, then this
matter is clearly an act of prejudicial harassment of the IETF Chair and the
WG Chairs to suppress that the IPR group is essentially not in my opinion
fixing problems but rather making the process and the disclosure issues more

Further, the Chair commented that I had "Threatened legal action" against
several list members, and I would like to see specific evidence to this
"fact" as it was used, since I clearly deny that this is true. Please
produce the specific commentary and explain how it was threatening. What I
have asked several officers of the IETF and the IESG is whether there is
financial coverage for them in operating the organization as any good entity
would have. They have refused to answer this in any way. I have also voiced
an opinion that the IETF's policies are bringing it head-on into areas where
legal action will not be avoidable but I have not said specifically that I
would sue anyone. I don't make silly threats, I act upon the causative
actions in appropriate manners only.

Finally the commentary that "I have been warned" repeatedly by the WG Chairs
to not post off topic mailings is ridiculous and contrary to the IETF's
charter and operating process, and it must formally take notice of this or
face the problems that this refusal to accept the obvious brings. By their
very nature, the IETF WG' Lists MUST accept all postings or it is impossible
to disclose new ideas on the list, making the process of submitting an I-D
the only way that new ideas can be submitted or can be vetted and for
WG Chairs to suppress is contrary to the IETF's operational models (no
matter how hokey they are) as defined in RFC2026, RFC2223, and RFC2418.

Please be advised, that I will continue to escalate this matter until
resolution is forthcoming, and yes Jorge, the other person on the cc line is
one of my attorneys.

Todd Glassey