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Appeal of current Guidance on in-Person and Online meetings (Ted Hardie, Alan Frindell, 2023-07-19) - 2023-07-19
Response - 2023-08-15

From: Lars Eggert
Subject: Re: Appeal of current Guidance on in-Person and Online meetings
Date: August 15, 2023 at 11:58:26 PM PDT
To: Ted Hardie, Alan Frindell

Dear Ted and Alan,

the IESG has reviewed your appeal from July 19, 2023 of the current
January 27, 2023 IESG statement the update of the IESG statement on
"Guidance on In-Person and Online Interim Meetings" published on
January 27, 2023 [1]. The appeal is available in full at [2].

Your requested remedies were:

  1. To revert the text of the IESG statement in question [1] to the
    previous version published on May 1, 2020 [3].

  2. To bring a proposal for updated procedures on interim meetings to
    the community in an appropriate venue.

After investigation and consideration, including a discussion with you
during the IETF 117 meeting, the IESG decided to address the first
point of the appeal by further revising the IESG statement published on
January 27, 2023 [1], rather than reverting to the May 1, 2020 version
[3]. This latest revision of the IESG statement published on August 14,
2023 [4] had already been under preparation and rolls in a number of
other clarifications and changes, in addition to addressing the points
raised in the appeal.

On the second point of the appeal, the IESG hopes that publishing the
revised guidance [4] immediately gives Working Groups the benefit of
planning upcoming interim meetings in light of the new clarified
guidance. At the same time, the community may make further suggestions
to the IESG on the contents of the latest version of the IESG statement
on interim meetings. Suggestions for further changes or clarifications
may be made to the IESG directly ( or on another suitable
mailing list.

The IESG hopes that this response is clear and addresses the concerns
you raised in your appeal. Thank you for raising some important points
that needed to be reconsidered.

Lars Eggert
IETF Chair