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Appeal re draft-ietf-manet-nhdp-sec-threats (Abdussalam Baryun; 2013-06-19) - 2013-06-19
Appeal - 2013-06-19

From: Abdussalam Baryun <>
Date: June 19, 2013 6:29:51 AM PDT
To: IETF Chair <>,
Cc: IAB <>
Subject: [IAB] Appeal (was Re: Last Call: (Security Threats for NHDP) to Informational RFC)

Dear IETF Chair,
CC: IAB Chair

Please note that I appeal against the I-D named
Please read my appeal reasons and requests. I send the IESG many times
and not sure why they don't understand my appeals (see mail below
this). I see that the document was approved by the IESG, seems that
IESG ignored my IETF LC request regarding the issue.

I appeal against the I-D because it excludes one participant that
worked hard and made excellent effort to update the I-D and to review
it within WGLC and within IETF LC. My opinion is that excluding me
from the acknowledgement just because I am remote participant (or
other reason) is discouraging participation/contributions.

I have been discussing and giving contribution for the I-D from
version 1 until IETF Last call. Others were very quickly acknowledged
by editors but me excluded. I send my request to Editors&Chair to add
my name in the ack-section on the WG list, and no consensus was made,
or there was not consensus on objecting my request (the WG had not
made a decision, only editors' decision). Therefore, my request stands
not the editors request. The AD does not beleive that I should be
acknowledge, I already send him my complain and had many discussions
but I feel I wasted alot of time.

*My requests to add name in Acknowledges Section:

*Missing information discovered by Abdussalam (Reviewer):
-Referencing attacks definition

-Referncing RFC6130 updates

*Mistake/Error in document discovered by Abdussalam (Reviewer):
[I-D-02 wrong idea] As wireless radio waves can be captured as well as
by any wireless device within radio range.
[my discovery contribution]

*Editors changing document as following Abdussalam's ideas/contributions:
- The following changes were only after the discoveries of Abdussalam
review and his ideas,

My reply to AD responsible for the I-D on IETF list

Add the name Abdussalam Baryun in the acknowledgement section with the
other participants names. Inform the AD responsible of the I-D not to
exclude any type of contribution that has new ideas from the
acknowledgement section.

Please respond within one week, if you need more, please inform me
what will you do. If no respond I will send this to IAB.

Best Regards