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Appeal to the IESG in regards to RFC 6852 (PDF file) (JFC Morfin; 2013-04-05) - 2013-04-05
Response - 2013-04-17

Response to the Appeal to the IESG in regards to RFC 6852

Date: 17 April 2013

The IESG has received an appeal from JFC Morfin <>. The title of this appeal is "Appeal to the IESG in regards to RFC 6852". The text of this appeal can be found at the following URL:

The IESG considers the substance of the appeal against the publication of RFC 6852, to be "that publication of the RFC was done without IESG review, against and the rules set out in RFC 2026."

RFC 2026 defines the base processes for document review and approval and it is updated by RFC 5742 which identifies the different RFC streams including the "IAB Stream".

RFC 5742 defines processing for standards track RFCs, but defers to RFC 4844 for other (including IAB) RFCs:

"When a document is submitted for publication, the review that it receives depends on the stream in which it will be published." (5742 1.)

Since RFC 6852 is an Informational RFC in the IAB Stream, it is not subject to the IETF review and approval process set out in RFC 2026 and RFC 5742. It is therefore the conclusion of the IESG that no process for which it is responsible was broken, and the IESG, therefore, has no basis for considering this appeal.