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Appeal to the IAB of IESG rejection of Appeal to Last Call draft-ietf-grow-anycast (Dean Anderson; 2008-11-14) - 2008-11-14
Response - 2008-12-15

  • To: Dean Anderson (dean at
  • Subject: Appeal of DNSOP WG Decision of September 13, 2008
  • From: IESG Secretary
  • Date: 15 December 2008
  • Cc: ietf-announce at

The IESG has received an appeal from Dean Anderson. The title of this
appeal is "Appeal of DNSOP WG Decision of September 13, 2008".
The text of this appeal can be found at the following URL:

Both Ron Bonica and Russ Housley recused from considering this appeal.

The IESG considered the technical issues raised in the appeal. The IESG
considered the various arguments on the extent of deployment of BCP38,
and the likelihood of attacks, and concluded that it is not
unreasonable for the IETF to make further recommendations to avoid
such attacks.

The IESG also considered the procedural issues raised in the appeal. We
did not find evidence of wrong-doing on the part of the WG chairs or
from the Area Director. There are many considerations in determining
consensus and approving a document, and we found that the WG Chairs
and Area Director made these decisions reasonably. We also believe
that Dean Anderson's concerns were adequately considered by the
Working Group.

Article 3 of the appeal does not appear to claim any violations of
IETF process.