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Appeal over suspension of posting rights for Todd Glassey (Todd Glassey; 2008-07-28) - 2008-07-28
Response - 2008-09-02

From: IESG Secretary <>
Date: September 2, 2008 11:00:01 AM PDT
To: tglassey at
Cc: ietf-announce at
Subject: IESG response to current Glassey appeal

The IESG has received an appeal from Todd Glassey (see
on his suspension from posting to the IPR Working Group (WG) mailing
list on July 26. The IESG has reviewed the IPR WG mailing list
traffic (
) for July 4 to July 26 and is upholding the decision of the WG Chair,
Harald Alvestrand, to suspend Todd Glassey's posting privileges under
the discretion given in RFC3934.

Claim A of the appeal is rejected. Continued posting on a topic that
has been declared off-topic for the WG is sufficient cause for
suspension of posting rights. The WG chair judged that the postings
were disruptive, whether or not they were on one thread or multiple
threads or in reply to other postings. The IESG believes that Harald
Alvestrand's interpretation of what is off-topic and disruptive for
this WG is a reasonable one.

Claim 2 of the appeal is rejected. The IESG does not feel that the
suspension of posting rights came as a surprise. Todd Glassey has
been repeatedly warned about off-topic postings, and has been
suspended from the same list before for off-topic postings (see also
the IESG response to a similar previous appeal from Todd Glassey:

Claim 3 of the appeal is rejected. Todd Glassey made statements which
he interprets as fact but which readers interpreted as threats of
litigation. Those kinds of statements can be disruptive, which is the
focus of the discretion given to WG Chairs in RFC3934.