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Appeal to the IESG from Todd Glassey (Todd Glassey; 2007-11-26) - 2007-11-26
Appeal - 2007-11-26

From: "TS Glassey" <>
To: "Harald Alvestrand" <>, <>,
<>, <>
Date: Mon, 26 Nov 2007 08:13:22 -0800
Subject: Re: IPR agenda for Vancouver

Chair and IESG,
This is a formal objection to being suspended by Mr. Alverstrand
without warning or commentary or complaint of anyone in that WG other
than the WG Chair in the IPR WG.

My Alvestrand suspended me for three weeks again without warning based
apparently on what he himself perceived as 'too many postings', but he
neither made any warning and this suspension happened the day of the
Chair's reversing his fraudulent suspension of my posting rights for
the last year.

I suggest that you review this matter before attorney's get into this,
because by comparison with other WG's this is way out of line
considering in the NTP WG for instance Danny Mayer and others post tens
of instances in a single day. As such Mr. Alverstrands actions are
clearly adversarial putting the IETF itself in a position where it is
formally causing me and others Mr. Averstrand's actions taint,
significant damage.

Since the IETF hass already apologiezed through Mr. Housley for the
mistake that Mr. Alverstrand promulgated and benefitted from for a
calendar year, I want the suspension lifted and Mr Alverstrand
disciplined for this action.

Have a nice day,
Todd Glassey