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Appeal concerning the WG-LTRU rechartering (JFC Morfin; 2006-10-24) - 2006-10-24
Appeal - 2006-10-24

Subject: appeal concerning the WG-LTRU rechartering
Date: Tue, 24 Oct 2006 05:03:17 +0200
From: Jefsey_Morfin <>
CC: Randy Presuhn <>, Martin Duerst <>

Dear IESG Members,
I hoped that I could avoid to appeal against the WG-LTRU
rechartering. However, the current text leads to too much confusion
and questions endangering the stability and the credibility of the
IANA RFC 4646 Languages Registries.

This starts also being perceived by the WG-LTRU members and hampers
the current debate. An IESG review and an IAB guidance are necessary
on these points. My R&D team has a Multilingual Internet RFC 4646
conformant langtag documentation to produce (in RFC 4646 Bis or as a
separate I_D) and an ISO 11179 croswalk to build to externaly
interface the IANA Languages Registries, with ISO and our own system.

We currently are at total loss while just trying to understand what
the IANA Language Registry is about, is to support, and how it is managed.

You will also find this appeal at
Best regards.