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Appeal concerning the WG-LTRU rechartering (JFC Morfin; 2006-10-24) - 2006-10-24
Response - 2006-11-07

* To: JFC Morfin
* Subject: Response to the appeal by JFC Morfin dated 2006-10-24
* From: IESG Secretary 
* Date: 07 November 2006

This is the IESG response to the appeal made 2006-10-24 by JFC Morfin
against the rechartering of the LTRU WG; see

This appeal acknowledges that most of the issues it discusses have
already been discussed with the LTRU working group. The IESG has read
the appeal and found that in fact all the issues brought up in the appeal
have been adequately discussed and that there is no new information that
would lead the IESG to change its mind.

As the IESG has previously pointed out, the appeals mechanism is
inappropriate until the ordinary consensus process has been tried. In
most cases, trying to build consensus behind new charter text is a
more appropriate way to try and change a recently approved charter
than appealing the charter decision.

The appeal is dismissed.