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Appeal Against IESG Decisions Regarding the draft-ietf-ltru-matching (PDF file) (JFC Morfin; 2006-08-16) - 2006-08-16
Response - 2006-11-07

* To: JFC Morfin
* Subject: Response to Part 2 of the appeal by JFC Morfin dated 2006-08-17
* From: IESG Secretary 
* Date: 07 November 2006

This is the IESG response to Part 2 of the appeal by JFC Morfin
sent on 2006-08-17 and posted at

The IESG previously dismissed Part 1 of the appeal.

Part 2 of the appeal is headed
Appeal against approving the draft-ietf-ltru-matching in its present form
(which refers to draft-ietf-ltru-matching-15.txt, now
published as RFC 4647).

After studying the appeal, and a summary of Part 2 of the appeal
kindly prepared by an independent third party, the IESG has concluded
that the technical issues raised in the appeal were all asked and
answered during WG debate and Last Call processing. While there was a
correction made to one last call response, this correction indicates
no problems in the WG process, nor with the decisions of the WG. The
IESG sees no reason to question the WG and IETF rough consensus for
the draft version 15. IESG approval of
draft-ietf-ltru-matching-15.txt is confirmed and the appeal is