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IETF-3GPP (ietf3gpp)

Acronym ietf3gpp
State Active
Document dependencies
Additional resources Dependency list
Liaison statements
Personnel Leads Charles Eckel, Lionel Morand

Group description

The purpose of this group is to support coordination activities between IETF and 3GPP as documented in RFC 3113. The group maintains an invitation-only mailing list, a dependency list for tracking document dependencies, and shepherds liaison statements exchanged between IETF and 3GPP. The group typically holds a coordination call a couple of weeks before each IETF meeting and also holds an in-person meeting during the IETF meeting when there are topics that need discussion.

This group is led jointly by the respective liaison managers from both organizations, IETF and 3GPP. This group has no fixed membership but participation from relevant IETF Area Directors, IETF WG Chairs, 3GPP WG Chairs, and document authors/editors is encouraged. The group co-leads will review and update the mailing list yearly prior to the July meeting, in order to adjust for changes in the IESG and IAB.