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Concluded WG Interfaces MIB (ifmib)

Group history

Date By Action
2003-09-03 (System) Concluded group
1996-12-30 (System) Changed milestone "Meet at Dallas IETF", resolved as "Done"
1996-06-30 (System) Changed milestone "Meet at Montreal IETF", resolved as "Done"
1996-05-30 (System) Changed milestone "Post a internet-draft of the interface test mib", resolved as "Done"
1995-11-30 (System) Changed milestone "Post a internet-draft of the revised interfaces mib", resolved as "Done"
1995-07-30 (System) Changed milestone "Meet at 33rd IETF to review RFC1573 to ascertain if it is ready to be elevated to Draft Standard status.", resolved as "Done"
1995-06-30 (System) Changed milestone "Issue a call for implementation and operations experience with RFC1573", resolved as "Done"
1995-05-18 (System) Started group
1993-04-30 (System) Proposed group