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Concluded WG Instant Messaging and Presence Protocol (impp)

Group history

Date By Action
2004-09-08 (System) Concluded group
2003-05-20 (System) Changed milestone "Submit Common Presence and Instant Messaging document and Common Instant Message Format to IETF for consideration as Proposed Standard", resolved as "Done"
2001-03-19 (System) Changed milestone "Meet at 50th IETF in Minneapolis", resolved as "Done"
2001-02-13 (System) Changed milestone "Submit I-D on common instant message format", resolved as "Done"
2000-10-10 (System) Changed milestone "Submit design goals Internet-Draft to IESG for publication as an RFC", resolved as "Done"
2000-10-10 (System) Changed milestone "Submit Internet-Draft of Design Goals for Instant Messaging and Presence Information", resolved as "Done"
1999-02-25 (System) Started group
1998-11-20 (System) Proposed group