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Status update for WG

Multiple ke and deprecation of IKEv1 and obsolete algorithms documents were published as RFC. Labeled IPsec, and IKEv2 Configuration for Encrypted DNS are now in the RFC editor queue. 

Group Key Management is waiting for chairs to read it through and do shepherd writeup. 

Announcing Supported Authentication Methods in IKEv2 document was revised to fix issues found in WGLC, but there as not been any activity since.  

The Optional SA & TS Payload in Child Exchange, and multi sa performance are getting ready for the WGLC.

There are several new ideas for the work items to be adopted presented in the IETF 117 meeting, and WG adoption calls will be made for them later. Those include DSCP handling, mtu detection, diet-esp using static context header compression, anti replay subspaces, ikev2 with reliable transport, and multiple sequence counters.

Quite a lot of charter items have been finished, so we should start working on to do rechartering, and clear out old things already finished, and add some new work to the charter.