Status update for WG ipsecme

IPv6 and IPv4 status codes draft is in the IETF LC, Intermediate should be ready for WGLC. 

Work on the traffic flow security is ongoing, and it is getting ready. Still waiting for the transport area early review. Labeled IPsec should be getting ready for WGLC too.

RFC8229bis and auth announce are waiting for working group adoption calls.

There was some new work proposed, one for how to go beyond 64kB limit of IKEv2 payloads. This item was considered to be part of the charter as being part of the post quantum changes. Then there was two minor maintenance items, one about the how to revise the cookie processing to fix some corner cases, and another to mark some things as deprecated.

There was one item that most likely will require rechartering, i.e., the IKEv2 configuration for Encrypted DNS.