Status update for WG ipsecme at IETF-105

Split DNS was published as RFC8598. Implicit IV and Quantum resistance are still in the Publication Requested state. 

IPv6 and IPv4 status codes is ready for WG LC, same should be true for IKEv2 intermediate and Labeled IPsec 

The hybrid qske draft already have some implementation experience, and should be adopted as WG draft very soon.

G-DOI IKEv2 work will hopefully start going forward again as there are some external organizations which would like to refer to it, and it should be ready for WG Adoption call. The Post-quantum Key Exchanges for IKEv2 should also be ready for WG Adoption call. 

We also have new draft about the optimizing rekeying case by omitting SA and TS payload. This is covered by the charter item to optimize IKEv2 for constrained devices, and might receive WG Adoption call quite soon.