Status update for WG ipsecme at IETF-106

Split DNS was published as RFC8598. Implicit IV is now in the RFC editor queue. Publication requested has been issued for Quantum resistance draft. We have finished last call for IPv6 and IPv4 status codes, and it should be ready for publication now.

For the existing work items, the IKEv2 intermediate should be ready for WGLC soon, and the labeled IPsec has had some back and forth design choices.

We have adopted hybrid QSKE, and G-DOI IKev2 drafts, and we also already adopted IP traffic flow security draft, even when it is waiting for charter update.

IKE1 IPsec graveyard draft is not yet adopted, but should be ready for adoption call, after it is updated to include instructions for IANA to mark all IKEv1 related registries as closed.

Clarifications and Implementation guidelines for using TCP encapsulation in IKEv2 is waiting for the charter update before it is adopted as WG document.