Status update for WG ipsecme at IETF-108

Implicit IV was published as RFC8750, and  Mixing Preshared Keys in the IKEv2 for Post-quantum Security was published as RFC8784. Publication requested has been issued for IPv6 and IPv4 status codes. 

For the existing work items, the IKEv2 intermediate is ready for WGLC, and Multiple KE should also be ready for WGLC. The G-IKEv2 draft had major rewrite to make it more inline with IKEv2. The IP traffic flow security draft is getting ready for early transport area review, and it is starting the process of getting protocol number to be allocated for it.  Labeled IPsec is mostly waiting to get some implementation experience, there are implementations in the process of being developed. 

IKE1 IPsec graveyard draft is not yet adopted, and needs for authors to agree with ADs what to do with it, i.e., whether it will be WG item, or AD sponsored document. 

Clarifications and Implementation guidelines for using TCP encapsulation in IKEv2 has been changed to be RFC8229bis instead of separate clarification document, and is now getting ready for WG adoption. There is new draft for the Announcing Supported Authentication Methods in IKEv2 charter item, which might be adopted as WG item after people have had time to review it.