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Status update for WG

The LISP WG is chartered to continue work on the Locator/Id Separation Protocol (LISP) base specifications and produce standard-track documents.
Indeed, experimental specification exists, but they need to be completed with on the field experience.
In addition, the LISP WG is also chartered to tackle LISP related issues like Multi-protocol support; Alternative Mapping System Design;  Mobility;  Multicast; Data-Plane Encryption; NAT-Traversal.

The working group is actually pretty close to finishing its main task, the main specifications.
The following documents are the core of the lisp specifications and are under IETF review.
- LISP Data Plane:
- LISP Control Plane:

The IESG raised a bunch of security-related concerns, which the authors addressed in a huge effort just before IETF 103.
Part of the concerns are solved by the LISP-SEC document
This document is still discussed in the WG, but changes are being done so to solve the majority (if not all) of the security concerns raised by the IESG review.

[Last Updated: March 25, 2019]