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Concluded WG Mail Extensions (mailext)

Document Date Status IPR AD/Shepherd
RFCs (8 hits)
9 pages
RFC 1766 (was draft-ietf-mailext-lang-tag)
Tags for the Identification of Languages
1995-03 Proposed Standard RFC
Obsoleted by RFC 3066, RFC 3282

8 pages
RFC 1830 (was draft-ietf-mailext-smtp-binary)
SMTP Service Extensions for Transmission of Large and Binary MIME Messages
1995-08 Experimental RFC
Obsoleted by RFC 3030

8 pages
RFC 1844 (was draft-ietf-mailext-mime-check)
Multimedia E-mail (MIME) User Agent Checklist
1995-08 Informational RFC
7 pages
RFC 1845 (was draft-ietf-mailext-checkp)
SMTP Service Extension for Checkpoint/Restart
1995-09 Experimental RFC
4 pages
RFC 1846 (was draft-ietf-mailext-smtp-521)
SMTP 521 Reply Code
1995-09 Experimental RFC
Updated by RFC 7504

7 pages
RFC 1854 (was draft-ietf-mailext-pipeline)
SMTP Service Extension for Command Pipelining
1995-10 Proposed Standard RFC
Obsoleted by RFC 2197

5 pages
RFC 2017 (was draft-ietf-mailext-acc-url)
Definition of the URL MIME External-Body Access-Type
1996-10 Proposed Standard RFC
27 pages
RFC 2076 (was draft-ietf-mailext-mail-attributes)
Common Internet Message Headers
1997-02 Informational RFC