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Concluded WG Multiple Interfaces (mif)

Document Date Status IPR AD/Shepherd
RFCs (4 hits)
22 pages
RFC 6418 (was draft-ietf-mif-problem-statement)
Multiple Interfaces and Provisioning Domains Problem Statement Errata
2011-11 Informational RFC Jari Arkko
21 pages
RFC 6419 (was draft-ietf-mif-current-practices)
Current Practices for Multiple-Interface Hosts
2011-11 Informational RFC Jari Arkko
29 pages
RFC 6731 (was draft-ietf-mif-dns-server-selection)
Improved Recursive DNS Server Selection for Multi-Interfaced Nodes
2012-12 Proposed Standard RFC 2 Ralph Droms
25 pages
RFC 7556 (was draft-ietf-mif-mpvd-arch)
Multiple Provisioning Domain Architecture Errata
2015-06 Informational RFC Ted Lemon