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IETF discussion list moderators (moderators)

Team Name IETF discussion list moderators
Acronym moderators
Area General Area (gen)
State Active
Additional resources Moderators Procedures and Templates GitHub
Personnel Members Chris Box, Mary Barnes, Mohit P. Tahiliani
Mailing list Address

Group description

The IETF Chair appoints Moderators for the IETF Discussion list that are empowered to restrict posting by a person, or to an email thread, when the content is inappropriate and represents a pattern of abuse. Moderation of the IETF discussion list, including the handling of any appeals, is guided by BCP 45 (RFC 9245). Inappropriate postings to the IETF discussion list include:

  • Advertising and other unsolicited bulk e-mail
  • Discussion of subjects unrelated to IETF policy, meetings, activities, or technical topics
  • Uncivil commentary, regardless of the general subject
  • Announcements of conferences, events, or activities that are not sponsored or endorsed by the IETF, IRTF, IAB, or the Internet Society