Network Information Services Infrastructure (nisi) Concluded WG

Group History

Date By Action
1997-07-27 (System) Changed milestone "Complete draft for phase 2 suggesting cooperative agreements for NICs.", resolved as "Done"
1995-08-04 (System) Concluded group
1993-06-30 (System) Changed milestone "Post an Internet-Draft describing accessing the nic-profiles data in the X.500 database at Merit.", resolved as "Done"
1993-06-28 (System) Changed milestone "Post an Internet-Draft describing NIC interelationships.", resolved as "Done"
1992-07-30 (System) Changed milestone "Write a document explaining the security issues of privacy and accuracy in Internet databases. Publish as an Informational RFC.", resolved as "Done"
1991-11-30 (System) Changed milestone "First document released as Informational RFC. Outline and discuss new NISI tasks at IETF meeting.", resolved as "Done"
1991-08-30 (System) Changed milestone "Working group discussed current Internet-Draft and suggested minor revisions. Decision made to continue Working Group activity beyond this document.", resolved as "Done"
1991-07-30 (System) Changed milestone "Document submitted as Internet-Draft for comment from a wider Internet audience.", resolved as "Done"
1991-05-31 (System)
Changed milestone "Revised draft document ready for working group review. Document defines NIC functions and suggests some standardizations for NIC  services, as well as offers …
1990-08-01 (System)
Changed milestone "Review draft for phase 1 and begin discussions for completing the second phase which is to define a basic set of `cooperative agreements' …
1990-02-22 (System) Started group
1990-02-22 (System) Proposed group