Peer-to-Peer Research Group (p2prg) Concluded RG

Document Date Status IPR AD / Shepherd
RFCs (3 hits)
RFC 5765 (was draft-irtf-p2prg-rtc-security)
Security Issues and Solutions in Peer-to-Peer Systems for Realtime Communications
28 pages
Informational RFC
Robert Sparks 
RFC 6029 (was draft-irtf-p2prg-alto-survey)
A Survey on Research on the Application-Layer Traffic Optimization (ALTO) Problem Errata
19 pages
Informational RFC
Peter Saint-Andre 
RFC 6821 (was draft-irtf-p2prg-mythbustering)
Improving Peer Selection in Peer-to-peer Applications: Myths vs. Reality
16 pages
Informational RFC