Status update for WG pim

PIM (Protocols for IP Multicast) is chartered to work on multiple IP multicast protocols. The Working Group is responsible for the maintenance of PIM, IGMP, and MLD. We work on the related YANG models. We actively review multicast work that occurs in other WGs, such as MBONED, BESS and BIER. For instance, with the SPRING charter not including work on multicast, we have also been reviewing new proposed work related to Segment Routing and Multicast until such time that SPRING does include multicast in their charter. At our most recent meeting in Bangkok we had a presentation that went into good detail reviewing the various options available for multicast within Segment Routing. We are also now starting the process of progressing IGMPv3/MLDv2 onto standards track. A small team is being formed to begin polling the multicast communities about features they do/don't use  and provide information needed to justify progressing these protocols to Internet Standards. We performed a similar work for PIM a few years ago. We continue working on our existing drafts and recently adopted new work on reserved-bits, null-register-packing and bfd-p2mp-use-case. We look forward to continuing work on the mailing list as we prepare for our next meeting in Prague.