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Concluded WG Peer to Peer Streaming Protocol (ppsp)

Document Date Status IPR AD/Shepherd
RFCs (3 hits)
22 pages
RFC 6972 (was draft-ietf-ppsp-problem-statement)
Problem Statement and Requirements of the Peer-to-Peer Streaming Protocol (PPSP)
Informational RFC
Martin Stiemerling
85 pages
RFC 7574 (was draft-ietf-ppsp-peer-protocol)
Peer-to-Peer Streaming Peer Protocol (PPSPP) Errata
Proposed Standard RFC
Martin Stiemerling
Rachel Huang
55 pages
RFC 7846 (was draft-ietf-ppsp-base-tracker-protocol)
Peer-to-Peer Streaming Tracker Protocol (PPSTP)
Proposed Standard RFC
Martin Stiemerling
Ning Zong