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Concluded WG Printer MIB (printmib)

Document Date Status IPR AD/Shepherd
RFCs (5 hits)
113 pages
RFC 1759 (was draft-ietf-printmib-printer-mib)
Printer MIB
1995-03 Proposed Standard RFC
Obsoleted by RFC 3805

114 pages
RFC 2707 (was draft-ietf-printmib-job-monitor)
Job Monitoring MIB - V1.0
1999-11 Informational RFC
26 pages
RFC 2708 (was draft-ietf-printmib-job-protomap)
Job Submission Protocol Mapping Recommendations for the Job Monitoring MIB
1999-11 Informational RFC
171 pages
RFC 3805 (was draft-ietf-printmib-mib-info)
Printer MIB v2
2004-06 Proposed Standard RFC Ned Freed
53 pages
RFC 3806 (was draft-ietf-printmib-finishing)
Printer Finishing MIB
2004-06 Informational RFC Ned Freed