Status update for WG rmcat

The coupled-cc draft has been submitted to the IESG for review. The SCReAM and SBD drafts are ready and the chairs are in the process of writing them up for publication. NADA is being revised to address WG last call comments. The GCC draft is awaiting an update from the authors. The feedback design team has come to consensus on a proposal (draft-dt-rmcat-feedback-message-02) that has been passed to AVTCORE for development. The various evaluation and test criteria drafts are essentially done, and are expected to be submitted to the IESG by IETF 100. The group agreed that there was value in completing the cc-codec-interactions and framework drafts, but that the app-interactions draft has been largely superseded by events. The group has begun discussions on what evaluation is needed to move the candidate algorithms to Proposed Standard in future.