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RFC Series Working Group (rswg)

Editorial Stream Working Group Name RFC Series Working Group
Acronym rswg
State Active
Document dependencies
Additional resources Github repository
Zulip stream
Personnel Chairs Pete Resnick, Russ Housley
Mailing list Address
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Chat Room address

Group description

The RFC Series Working Group (RSWG) is the primary venue in which members of the community collaborate regarding the policies that govern the RFC Series.

All interested individuals are welcome to participate in the RSWG (subject to the IETF anti-harassment policies). This includes but is not limited to participants in the IETF and IRTF, members of the IAB and IESG, developers of software or hardware systems that implement RFCs, authors of RFCs and Internet-Drafts, developers of tools used to author or edit RFCs, individuals who use RFCs in procurement decisions, scholarly researchers, and representatives of standards development organizations other than the IETF and IRTF. The IETF LLC Board members, staff and contractors (especially representatives of the RFC Production Center), and the IETF Executive Director are invited to participate as community members in the RSWG to the extent permitted by any relevant IETF LLC policies. Members of the RFC Series Approval Board (RSAB) are also expected to participate actively.