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IAB Workshop on Routing and Addressing (rtgadrws)

Team Name IAB Workshop on Routing and Addressing
Acronym rtgadrws
State Active
Additional resources RFC 4984: Report from the IAB Workshop on Routing and Addressing

Group description

The IAB held a workshop in October 2006 on the future of routing and addressing in the Internet.

The Reading List

Elywn Davies compiled a reading list for the Workshop. Geoff Huston in turn complied this quite extensive reading list based on that compilation for his ISP column.

30 years on


Previous Sets of Requirements

Problem Statements


The State of the Routing World

Routing Schemes

More Recent Research Proposals

Compact Routing

Policy and Configuration Problems in BGP4

The Effects on Routing Hardware

Day 1 Morning Session: Routing Table Futures and Convergence Worries

  • Traffic Engineering Case Studies, Jason Schiller
  • BGP Problem Slides, Iljitsch van Beijnum
  • Router Scalability and Moore’s Law, Tony Li
  • Scaling Issues with IPv6 Routing and Multihoming, Vince Fuller
  • Traffic Engineering and Multihoming Discussion, Ted Seely and Chris Morrow
  • Another Year of Routing, Geoff Huston

Day 1 Afternoon Session: Your Three Worst Routing Nightmares

  • Round Table Discussion led by Kurtis Lindqvist

Day 2 Welcome: Setting out the Problems

Day 2 Morning Session 1: Rights and Wrongs of Proposed Solutions

  • Multi6 and Shim6, Iljitsch van Beijnum
  • Indirection General Concepts with Example, David Conrad
  • GSE Problem Slides, Iljitsch van Beijnum

Day 2 Morning Session 2: Creating the Problem Statement – Part 1: Documenting the Problems

  • Problem Statement Summary, Lixia Zhang

Day 2 Afternoon: Creating the Problem Statement – Part 2: Documenting the Constraints

  • Constraints or lack thereof, Tony Li
  • Constraints, Jason Schiller
  • Criteria List after Discussion and Merging, Brian Carpenter

Day 2 Summary and Wrap-Up