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Concluded Directorate Smart Power Directorate (smartpower)

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Directorate Name Smart Power Directorate
Acronym smartpower
Area General Area (gen)
State Concluded
Personnel Area Director Lars Eggert
Mailing list Address

Final Group description

Advice and Coordination

Reports to the General Area Director (currently the IETF Chair), and provides coordination between the IETF and others working on Smart Power. Charter

There are many initiatives to couple delivery of electricity with the data communications used to control and monitor the electricity generation, delivery infrastructure, and consuming devices. The U.S. Smart Grid is one such initiative. A smart grid includes an intelligent monitoring system that keeps track of all electricity flowing in the system, and it employs two-way communications to reduce cost, improve reliability, and increase transparency.

Recognizing that a smart grid has many similarities to the "Internet of Things", developments associated with the use of Internet protocols to connect many devices without human users can be applied without enhancement to a smart grid.

The Smart Power Directorate provides review and coordination on the use of Internet protocols to provide smart grid communications. The goal is to point other organizations to relevant IETF documents and provide review of documents from other organizations that depend upon Internet protocols. If the directorate identifies a gap that requires new work in the IETF, the directorate will raise the issue with the IESG. The directorate will not develop new protocols or enhance existing ones. This review and coordination will require expertise from all of the Areas in the IETF. Mail List

The Smart Power Directorate can be reached at Only directorate members may join this mail list.

The mail list is available for open discussion of topics related to Smart Power. This is a public mail list; see to subscribe.