Site Security Handbook (ssh) Concluded WG

Group History

Date By Action
1999-02-08 (System) Concluded group
1995-07-21 (System) Changed milestone "Meet at the Stockholm IETF meeting and create an outline for the second document.", resolved as "Done"
1995-04-07 (System) Changed milestone "Meet at the Danvers IETF and create a rough draft of the first document.", resolved as "Done"
1995-01-31 (System) Changed milestone "Prepare a final outline of the first document.", resolved as "Done"
1994-12-31 (System)
Changed milestone "Meet at the San Jose IETF and (1) make a decision about which document to produce first, (2) create an SSH editorial board …
1994-11-18 (System) Started group
1994-10-28 (System) Proposed group