Status update for WG tsvwg at IETF-98

Four TSVWG drafts have been published as RFCs:  Circuit Breakers, UDP Guidelines GRE in UDP and Diffserv Interconnection. There are two TSVWG drafts at the RFC Editor in MISSREF state (waiting for referenced RFCs to arrive):WebRTC Diffserv usage and DTLS encapsulation of SCTP.

Working Group Last Calls (WGLC) have been completed for three drafts: Tunnel Congestion Feedback (follow-up with the authors), 802.11 (WiFi) Diffserv (reviews received, a revised ID is needed) and SCTP stream scheduling/interleaving (a revised ID is needed).  

The ECN experimentation enablement draft and the Diffserv LE (Lower Effort) PHB drafts were recently adopted, but are close to done.   

The following drafts require feedback and work by the working group:
* RFC 4960 Errata
* SCTP NAT Support
* ECN Encaps Guidelines (recently discussed in external liaisons).
* RFC 6040 Update

The L4S drafts are likely to be an active area of WG activity in 2017.

The AQM (Active Queue Management and Packet Scheduling) WG is nearing the end of its life - future AQM-related work is likely to be done in TSVWG.