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IAB Workshop on Unwanted Traffic (unwantedtrafficws)

Team Name IAB Workshop on Unwanted Traffic
Acronym unwantedtrafficws
State Active
Additional resources RFC 4948: Report from the IAB workshop on Unwanted Traffic

Group description

The IAB held a workshop in March 2006 on the impacts of unwanted traffic on the Internet.

Session 1: How bad is the problem?

  • Introduction, Dave Meyer
  • Backbone Perspective, Ryan McDowell

Session 2: Sources of the Problem

  • Sources of the Problem, Danny McPherson
  • Roots of the Problem, Stefan Savage

Session 5: Regulatory and Societal Perspectives

  • Solutions from the Social and Regulatory Space, John Morris

Session 6: Operator Wishes

  • Introduction, Dave Meyer
  • Backbone Perspectives, Vijay Gill and Ted Seely

Session 7: What’s in the Pipeline?

  • What’s in the Pipeline, Danny McPherson
  • What Problems are Most Important, Gregory Lebovitz
  • Important Areas of Research, Balachandar Krishnamurthy

Session 8: What is Actively Being Researched?

  • What is Actively Being Researched? Vern Paxson, Stefan Savage, and Helen Wang