100VG-AnyLAN MIB (vgmib) Concluded WG

Document Date Status IPR AD / Shepherd
RFCs (3 hits)
RFC 1035
Domain names - implementation and specification Errata
55 pages
Internet Standard RFC
Updated by RFC1101, RFC1183, RFC1348, RFC1876, RFC1982, RFC1995, RFC1996, RFC2065, RFC2136, RFC2137, RFC2181, RFC2308, RFC2535, RFC2673, RFC2845, RFC3425, RFC3658, RFC4033, RFC4034, RFC4035, RFC4343, RFC5936, RFC5966, RFC6604, RFC7766, RFC8482, RFC8490, RFC8767
RFC 2020 (was draft-ietf-vgmib-interfaces-mib)
IEEE 802.12 Interface MIB
31 pages
Proposed Standard RFC
RFC 2266 (was draft-ietf-vgmib-repeater-dev)
Definitions of Managed Objects for IEEE 802.12 Repeater Devices
56 pages
Proposed Standard RFC