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Personal Information in the Datatracker

RFC 3935, "A Mission Statement for the IETF" lays out the goal and the mission of the IETF as follows

    The goal of the IETF is to make the Internet work better.

    The mission of the IETF is to produce high quality, relevant
    technical and engineering documents that influence the way people
    design, use, and manage the Internet in such a way as to make the
    Internet work better.  These documents include protocol standards,
    best current practices, and informational documents of various kinds.

In order to fulfill its mission, the IETF provides various ways to distribute and discuss Internet-Drafts, and otherwise process them until there is consensus that they are ready for publication.

This makes the information in the content of the draft documents, as well as contributions related to the draft documents and their processing as laid out in the "Note Well" statement, of legitimate interest to the IETF when it pursues its mission; not only in general terms, but specifically under Article 6(1) f) of EU's General Data Protection Regulation .

The datatracker treats all personal information derived from draft documents and documents published as RFC, as well as personal information derived from processing draft documents through the IETF procedures, in accordance with applicable law, including the GDPR. This includes author names, email addresses and other address information provided in draft documents or as contact information for IETF roles such as Working Group chairs, secretaries, Area Directors and other roles.

There is however additional personal information held in the datatracker that is used for other purposes. This information requires the consent of the individuals whose information is stored and processed which IETF secures through various means, and the person it relates to may at any time request its correction or removal. This includes:

  • Personal photograph or other likeness;
  • Personal biography;
  • Personal email addresses not derived from IETF contributions; and
  • Personal account login information
  • Personal notification subscriptions

Most of this information can be edited on the individual's Account Info page by the individual after logging in to the account. If the datatracker holds such information about a person, and they don't have an account, a request to the IETF secretariat to change or remove the information will be honoured to the extent feasible and legally permitted.

Please also see the IETF's overall Statement concerning personal data.