IAB states

State Description Next states
Replaced Replaced
    Candidate IAB Document A document being considered for the IAB stream.
      Active IAB Document This document has been adopted by the IAB and is being actively developed.
        Parked IAB Document This document has lost its author or editor, is waiting for another document to be written, or cannot currently be worked on by the IAB for some other reason. Annotations probably explain why this document is parked.
          IAB Review This document is awaiting the IAB itself to come to internal consensus.
            Community Review This document has completed internal consensus within the IAB and is now under community review.
              Approved by IAB, To Be Sent to RFC Editor The consideration of this document is complete, but it has not yet been sent to the RFC Editor for publication (although that is going to happen soon).
                Sent to a Different Organization for Publication The IAB does not expect to publish the document itself, but has passed it on to a different organization that might continue work on the document. The expectation is that the other organization will eventually publish the document.
                  Sent to the RFC Editor The IAB processing of this document is complete and it has been sent to the RFC Editor for publication. The document may be in the RFC Editor's queue, or it may have been published as an RFC; this state doesn't distinguish between different states occurring after the document has left the IAB.
                    Published RFC The document has been published as an RFC.
                      Dead IAB Document This document was an active IAB document, but for some reason it is no longer being pursued for the IAB stream. It is possible that the document might be revived later, possibly in another stream.