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IAB-ISOC Policy Coordination (iabisoc)

IAB ASG Name IAB-ISOC Policy Coordination
Acronym iabisoc
State Active
Document dependencies
Personnel Leads Alvaro Retana, Olaf Kolkman
Members Alissa Cooper
Andrei Robachevsky
Carl Gahnberg
Colin Perkins
Deborah Brungard
Dhruv Dhody
John Morris
Mallory Knodel
Mirja K├╝hlewind
Olaf Kolkman
Ryan Polk
Sally Wentworth
Tommy Pauly
Warren "Ace" Kumari
Zaheduzzaman Sarker
Mailing list Address

Group description

The IAB-ISOC Policy Coordination group is an Administrative Support Group under the auspices of the IAB.

The purpose of this group is to inform and coordinate various Internet policy related activities of both the Internet Society and the IAB. This work of the group is done through regular meetings and an invitation-only private mailing list. The group includes regular participants from both the IAB and ISOC. The group is expected to review ongoing and potential Internet policy topics and interventions. The group is also expected to report back to the IAB on a regular basis and specifically to identify topics, as well as possible speakers, that would merit further discussion within the whole IAB. This group does not control the policy statements of either ISOC or the IAB.

This group is lead jointly by the ISOC Liaison to the IAB and a designated IAB member. This group has a small fixed membership but may include participation from interested IAB members, ISOC staff members, IETF Area Directors, IETF WG Chairs, and members of the wider IETF and ISOC communities as well as designated experts as appropriate. Membership will be reviewed on a yearly basis.