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InterDigital Patent Holdings, Inc.'s Statement about IPR related to draft-zuniga-multimob-pmipv6-ropt-00

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This IPR disclosure updates IPR disclosure ID #1273, "InterDigital Patent Holdings, Inc.'s Statement about IPR related to draft-zuniga-multimob-smspmip-02".

This IPR disclosure has been updated by IPR disclosure ID #1723, "InterDigital Patent Holdings, Inc.'s Statement about IPR related to draft-ietf-multimob-pmipv6-ropt-00".

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Submitted Date: October 27, 2011

I. Patent Holder/Applicant ("Patent Holder")
Legal Name: InterDigital Patent Holdings, Inc.
II. Patent Holder's Contact for License Application
Name: Bradley N. Ditty
Title: Senior Patent Executive
Address1: Suite 105, Hagley Building
Address2: 3411 Silverside Road, Concord Plaza, Wilmingtion, DE 19810
Telephone: (610) 878-5621
III. Contact Information for the IETF Participant Whose Personal Belief Triggered this Disclosure:
Name: Akbar Rahman
Telephone: (514) 904-6270
IV. IETF Document or Other Contribution to Which this IPR Disclosure Relates:
Internet-Draft:"Multicast Mobility Routing Optimizations for Proxy Mobile IPv6"
V. Disclosure of Patent Information (i.e., patents or patent applications required to be disclosed by Section 6 of RFC 3979)
A. For granted patents or published pending patent applications, please provide the following information:
Patent, Serial, Publication, Registration, or Application/File number(s): PCT/US2010/049349, US 2011/0110286 A1, 201119296
Date(s) granted or applied for: September 17, 2010 (PCT and US); September 20, 2010 (TW)
Country: PCT, US, TW
Additional Notes:

B. Does this disclosure relate to an unpublished pending patent application?: YES
C. If an Internet-Draft or RFC includes multiple parts and it is not reasonably apparent which part of such Internet-Draft or RFC is alleged to be covered by the patent information disclosed in Section V(A) or V(B), it is helpful if the discloser identifies here the sections of the Internet-Draft or RFC that are alleged to be so covered:
No information submitted
VI. Licensing Declaration
The Patent Holder states that its position with respect to licensing any patent claims contained in the patent(s) or patent application(s) disclosed above that would necessarily be infringed by implementation of the technology required by the relevant IETF specification ("Necessary Patent Claims"), for the purpose of implementing such specification, is as follows(select one licensing declaration option only):
See Text Below for Licensing Declaration.
Licensing information, comments, notes, or URL for further information:

InterDigital Patent Holdings, Inc. (“IPH”) has potential intellectual property rights in one or more published and/or unpublished patent applications, as indicated in Section V herein. IPH believes that these potential intellectual property rights may pertain to at least a portion of the subject matter of the IETF document indicated in Section IV herein. To the extent that any claim(s) of any patent issued on the published and/or unpublished applications would necessarily be infringed when implementing an IETF specification or standard in which all or part of the document is included, IPH hereby declares that it will make available a license to such claim(s) on reasonable, reciprocal and nondiscriminatory terms and conditions to any implementer of such IETF specification or standard for making, using, selling or offering for sale products or services solely to the extent necessary to implement such IETF specification or standard.

Reciprocal means that a potential licensee, holding intellectual property rights that would necessarily be infringed by implementing any IETF specification or standard, agrees to make available to IPH and/or its affiliates a license on reasonable and nondiscriminatory terms and conditions for making, using, selling or offering for sale products or services at least to the extent necessary to implement such IETF specification or standard.

This disclosure and declaration is not intended to act as a claim of right or assertion of infringement by IPH and/or its affiliates. IPH does not warrant the accuracy or completeness of the information contained in Section V and accepts no liability for any damage or loss resulting from reliance on that information or this disclosure and declaration. IPH encourages interested parties to make their own independent evaluation of the relevance of any of IPH’s intellectual property rights.

Note: The individual submitting this template represents and warrants that he or she is authorized by the Patent Holder to agree to the above-selected licensing declaration.
VII. Contact Information of Submitter of this Form (if different from the Contact Information above)
Name: Christos A. Ioannidi
Telephone: (610) 878-5796
VIII. Other Notes:
No information submitted