History for IPR disclosure
Axerra Networks, Inc.'s Statement about IPR related to draft-vainshtein-cesopsn

Date Type By Text
2015-01-05 Changed disclosure metadata Ryan Cross Changed disclosure metadata
2002-07-11 Posted (System) IPR Disclosure Posted
2002-07-11 Submitted (System) IPR Disclosure Submitted
2002-07-11 Legacy (System)
From: http://www.ietf.org/ietf-ftp/IPR/AXERRA-TDM-CIRCUIT-EMULATION.txt

Received July 11, 2002
From: Sasha Vainshtein <Sasha@AXERRA.com>

This declaration is being made pursuant to the provisions of IETF IPR
Policy, Sections 10.3.1 ...