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Sigma Designs, Inc.(Zensys A/S)'s General License Statement

Submitted: June 15, 2014 under the rules in RFC 3979 as updated by RFC 4879.

Note: Updates to IPR disclosures must only be made by authorized representatives of the original submitters. Updates will automatically be forwarded to the current Patent Holder's Contact and to the Submitter of the original IPR disclosure.

I. Patent Holder/Applicant ("Patent Holder")

Holder legal name Sigma Designs, Inc.(Zensys A/S)

II. Patent Holder's Contact for License Application

Holder contact name Olivia Mirzoyev
Holder contact email
Holder contact info

Corporate Counsel
1778 McCarthy Blvd.
Milpitas, CA 95035
T: 408-957-9805

III. Disclosure of Patent Information
i.e., patents or patent applications required to be disclosed by RFC 3979 as updated by RFC 4879

A. For granted patents or published pending patent applications, please provide the following information:

Patent, Serial, Publication, Registration, or Application/File number(s)

“Transmission of IPv6 packets over ITU-T G.9959 Networks” [draft-ietf-6lo-lowpanz-05]

Sigma Designs, Inc (Zensys A/S) is the owner of US Patent Nos. 7,680,041, 8,089,874, 8,194,569, 8,219,705, 8,223,783, 8,300,652, 8,582,431, 8,626,178, 8,626,251, 8,724,532 and US Published Patent Applications 20070248047, and 20130219482 respectively relating to the subject matter of "Transmission of IPv6 packets over ITU-T G.9959 Networks”.
Date: 3/16/2010, 1/3/2012, 6/5/2012, 7/10/2012, 7/17/2012, 10/30/2012, 11/12/2013, 1/7/2014, 5/3/2014
Country: US

Notes: If a standard related to this subject matter is adopted by IETF and any claims of any Sigma patents are necessary for practicing this standard, any party will be able to obtain a license from Sigma to use any such patent claims under reasonable, non-discriminatory terms, with reciprocity, to implement and fully comply with the standard. The reasonable non-discriminatory terms are: If this standard is adopted, Sigma will not assert any patents owned or controlled by Sigma against any party for making, using, selling, importing or offering for sale a product that implements the standard. Sigma retains the right to assert its patents against any product or portion thereof that is not necessary for compliance with the standard.

To maintain reciprocity, notwithstanding anything to the contrary, Sigma retains the right to assert its patents against any party that asserts a claim of a patent it owns or controls (either directly or indirectly), where such claim is necessary for practicing the standard, against Sigma or any of Sigma’s affiliates.

B. Does this disclosure relate to an unpublished pending patent application?:

Has patent pending No

IV. Statement


The Patent Holder states that its position with respect to licensing any patent claims
contained in the patent(s) or patent application(s) disclosed above that would necessarily
be infringed by implementation of the technology required by the relevant IETF
specification ("Necessary Patent Claims"), for the purpose of implementing such
specification, is as follows(select one licensing declaration option only):

Reasonable and Non-Discriminatory License to All Implementers with Possible

Licensing information, comments, notes or URL for further information:

V. Contact Information of Submitter of this Form

Submitter name Olivia Mirzoyev
Submitter email

VI. Other Notes

Additional notes

Sigma has filed an IPR (to ITU) in 2011 related to the subject matter of G.9959 - Short range narrowband digital radio-communication transceivers – PHY & MAC layer specifications.

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