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Additional notes

This email is notice that a Chair of the xmldsig WG has received a pointer
[1] to the following marketing claim about intellectual property that might
be relevant to our work. I've been unable to communicate with
representatives of the company or garner any other information about this
claim. The following holds:

Neither the [8]IESG/IETF or the [9]W3C take a position
regarding (1) the validity or scope of any intellectual property right
or other rights that might be claimed to pertain to the implementation
or use of the technology, nor (2) the extent to which any license
under such rights might or might not be available.

[1] http://www.ilumin.com/technology/index.html

The Digital Handshake Server Suite is iLumin's patent-pending, end-to-end,
enforceable online transaction technology. A branded add-in service offering
for any Internet site or eBusiness application, Digital Handshake
dramatically reduces the inefficiencies, costs, time and error associated
with today's extended and labor-intensive document and business closure
cycle. This innovative transaction system enables multiple parties to
interact, and each may be running dissimilar operating systems, databases
and application technologies.
The Digital Handshake technology employs digital signatures, XML and
Web-enabled applications to create the first end-to-end, fully automated and
legally binding business closure process. Its components include an Online
Signing Room, a Digital Clerk and an e-Cabinet.

Digital Handshake Assures users of:

Secure Access to Documents
Identity Authentication
Data Security
Document Integrity
Compliance with Digital Signature Laws
and Requirements
Non-repudiation of Legally Binding Documents
Secure Storage and Access Control
Privacy and Confidentiality
The Digital Handshake tech is designed to provide easy access to information
using any Internet browser. It offers multiple levels of security for access
control, identity authentication, and confidentially of sensitive legal
documents. iLumin's security and tagging features enables only designated
parties access to a document.

Digital Handshake incorporates digital signature as well as tamper-proof
encryption technologies. The use of XML-tagged "intelligent documents"
supports multiple digital signatures and eliminates unauthorized changes.
Sections of a document can be tagged to automate the processing as well as
to ensure confidentiality and privacy.

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